Senior Group Vice President – Mobility

Girish brings in a little over 15 years of digital & media marketing experience. He is an MBA from Mumbai's NMIMS. He has worked with some of the country's biggest brands, including The Hindustan Times Group and the Indian Express Group. A very acute business strategist, Girish is well-versed in helping his clients reach their business objectives.					 	

He is presently responsible for leading a new vertical at netCORE on mobile advertising. He is a keen planner & strategist with rich experience in implementation of strategies. He has worked towards bringing about a shift in client's marketing tactics from Traditional to mobile, and online/social. He believes that to build successful brands it is imperative to invest in digital and mobile marketing medium. He always vouches for, "Traditional marketing in tandem with mobile can improve the outcome of any campaign." He has not only changed the mindset of big brands like Unilever, Colgate, Tata Sky, Reliance, and many more on mobile marketing scalability but has also created industry benchmark with many of his successful mobile campaigns. His contribution to brands has been recognized at various awards forums across India.

He's a gifted chess player and travels a lot. Like most of his countrymen, he loves watching and playing cricket. His two kids are among the greatest loves in his life.