Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

After finishing his B.E. in Production from Mumbai University, Kalpit chose the then burgeoning IT field – a decision that eventually led him to join netCORE Solutions. netCORE was a startup, and in those days of early 1998, the company was still undergoing inception. He started working as a Software Programmer before moving on to hold various positions in netCORE. He also contributed to the company’s stellar growth from a startup to a modern Indian leader in Digital Communication & Marketing space.

Success was moderate in the beginning. However, when Kalpit and other core members at netCORE devised the Emergic MailServ, it rapidly went on to become one of netCORE’s most successful products. He also propelled his team to the innovation of Emergic Clean Mail - an extremely unique cloud-based mail filtering service in those days.  Kalpit also became a key contributor in shaping Pre-Sales, Client Servicing, Technology, Operations and Product Development functions, eventually leading Business Development during mid-2003

In 2003-4, personal and professional life reached equilibrium as he graduated to the position of Sales/ Business Head and also got married.  For the next six years, Kalpit led re-inventions in Product Development and Operations and was also instrumental in the expansion of Mumbai-based netCORE to five other offices in India.  With numerous innovations in the various products of netCORE, Kalpit Jain is most noted for architecting netCORE’s email flagship products Emergic MassMail (EMM), Emergic Archiving and Emergic CleanMail. He has also creating a viable Email-to-sms platform and was instrumental in netCORE’s email server being used as a service in over 2000 corporate clients. He’s been the mainstay behind netCORE becoming the largest email marketing platform in India, with nearly 2 billion emails delivered per month.

Since 2011, Kalpit handles Technology and Operations of all netCORE’s divisions as the Chief Operating Officer.

Kalpit Jain envisions building a completely integrated campaign management platform for Email, SMS and Voice. He also plans to take EMM to other countries, and is aiming at innovations in digital communication that will revolutionize the interaction between enterprises and consumers.

Kalpit is renowned for giving his co-employees the flexibility to innovate and learn from their own decisions. He is also known for retaining and managing some of the most important people in netCORE’s journey – a decision which has no doubt fueled the company’s exponential growth.  He encourages his colleagues to learn from failure and considers it a part and parcel of every great innovation. He’s acclaimed for his sincerity and simplicity.

Kalpit likes playing outdoor sports with his children and taking his family to nature trips. He claims the Gir Forest in Gujarat to be his favorite travel destination, and loves any cuisine that is non-spicy, especially South Indian food.