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India’s Leading Cross-channel Marketing Automation Platform Smartech is a cloud based, marketing automation platform that helps you streamline digital communication, increase engagement, automate cross channel workflows, deliver data driven personalization and improve operational efficiency

  • Cross-channel Automation

  • Data-driven Personalization

  • Reporting and Analytics

  • Contact Manager

    Get to know your customer better by creating a single customer master file for all your marketing activities. Contact Manager Tool helps you stay organised and better manage your contacts and schedule campaigns.

    • Easily create multiple new lists for different marketing campaigns
    • Define segments by mapping different attributes to your list
  • Automation

    Flexible and easy-to-use interactive tool to define rules, automate workflows and execute campaigns automatically without any manual intervention.

    • Define triggers based on customer behaviour like email open, missed call, filling a form on landing page, etc
    • Personalize at scale by defining actions based on customer attributes like age, gender, location, etc
  • Content & Templates

    Make a template in minutes. Choose from our free customizable Email and SMS templates or easily create your own unique template and upload.

    • A gallery of Responsive email templates to choose from
    • Preview and test so your templates look great on desktop and mobile devices
  • Broadcasts

    A single platform that helps you reach out to thousands of your customers simultaneously and send out all your marketing communication – promotional, information and transactional messages via Email and SMS.

    • Quickly convert your potential prospects with orchestrated communication and workflow
    • Re-engage and maintain relationships with constant string of relevant messages
  • Analytics

    Understand the impact of the revenue spent on marketing. Get an insight about which marketing campaign is doing well and which isn't.

    • Detailed reports and analytics for every broadcast, automation and campaign
    • Analyse the performance and optimize future campaigns
  • 24/7 Live Support

    Get your queries/issues resolved quickly by our dedicated and knowledgeable customer support team